MBCT for Cancer Practices on CD

These 4 CDs come from the 8 week Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Cancer programme that has been adapted for people with cancer. You can use them alongside the book - or as materials within your group based programme.

CD ONE - Two Core Practices
* Body Scan Practice (30:00)
* Sitting Practice (30:00)

CD TWO - Two Mindful Movement Practices
* Mindful Movement (30:00)
* Mindful Walking (15:00)

CD THREE - Ten Short Practices
* Short Sitting Practice (15:00)
* The Pause (1:30)
* Coming to the Breath (4:30)
* Standing in Mountain (5:00)
* Breathing With (2:30)
* The Physical Barometer (3:30)
* Coming to the Breath with Kindness (4:00)
* The Three Minute Breathing Space (3:00)
* The Thread Exercises (9:00)
* Breathing Space (Responding to Difficulty (7:00)

CD FOUR - Four Complementary Practices
* Mountain Practice (20:00)
* Lake Practice (20:00)
* Kindness Practice (20:00)
* Bells (random) (20:00)

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When following the practices....

When following the practices, ensure you are guided by the wisdom of your own body and mind, rather than my voice. This is especially important when practising mindful movement. Doing what feels is right for you in this moment is always best - and practising with kindness towards yourself, as you learn to integrate mindfulness into your everyday life

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