Mindfulness - HIV & AIDS

Trish has visited South Africa and worked with NGOs and community groups in Limpopo and KwaZulu Natal at different times since 1997. This is where her background in Development and her experience with Mindfulness come together.

She has led many mindfulness-based workshops in a number of different contexts for people working with those affected by HIV&Aids in South Africa. There have also been opportunities to work with people affected by HIV&Aids themselves, often in informal settings in rural areas. The Thought on a Thread (see page on this website) have been vital in this work and very well received. They help people to remember to come back and be mindfully present to their direct experience.

Work in KwaZulu Natal with Woza Moya

Current work in this field is focussed on Trish's connection and high regard for Woza Moya, a community support HIV & Aids NGO working near Ixopo. Trish is a member of the board of Woza Moya and takes every opportunity to support their work. She has led many mindfulness workshops with them.

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