Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Cancer

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Cancer presents an eight-week programme, which has been tried and tested over ten years of clinical use, and adapted specifically for people with cancer. It is written for oncology and palliative care staff wishing to learn more about this approach. The primary purpose of the book is to serve as a practitioner handbook for those who wish to teach the programme to people with cancer.

The book:

  • Draws upon the author’s experience of both working with people with cancer, and using mindfulness with her own cancer diagnoses and treatment
  • Underpins the promising evidence of mindfulness as an effective intervention for reducing the negative psychological impact of cancer and treatment
  • Offers stories, anecdotes and poems from cancer patients to illustrate the learning and key themes of the course
  • Includes and explores the new short practices, group processes, and cognitive model underpinning the programme

Reviews from leading mindfulness teachers and researchers:

'A profoundly compassionate offering of affirmation and possibility in the face of the difficult and the unwanted. Trish Bartley and her colleagues are to be congratulated on a magnificent contribution to the field of mindfulness and cancer care. May it touch the millions who could benefit from it'.

Jon Kabat–Zinn, Professor of Medicine Emeritus, Author of ‘Coming to Our Senses: Healing Ourselves and the World Through Mindfulness’

' Trish Bartley has succeeded in writing a book that speaks to the deepest fears of cancer sufferers with such compassion that no–one can fail to draw hope and healing from her words. Drawing on her own experience of cancer, and on her skill as a mindfulness teacher, she has pioneered a combination of mindfulness and cognitive therapy that is enormously empowering for sufferers and their families. The implications of what she says go far wider than any clinic – to the heart of what it means to be fully human and fully alive in the presence of our own death'.

Mark Williams, Director, Oxford Mindfulness Centre, and Co–author of ‘Mindfulness: a practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world’

'What a gift of a book. Alongside her own experience of living with cancer, Trish Bartley also has many years’ experience of teaching and developing the MBCT–Ca programme – this combination of the personal and professional makes for a beautiful combination of personal story; a clear and practical manual for the eight–week programme; and poems and insights from the many people Trish has taught. This book will be invaluable to patients and health professionals alike. Read this book carefully. It is a precious jewel'.

Vidyamala Burch, Author of ‘Living Well with Pain and Illness: The Mindful Way to Free Yourself From Suffering’

'As mindfulness becomes more main stream, what we need are mindfulness developments guided by clear intentions, adapted to new populations with creativity while maintaining the essence and integrity of MBCT and MBSR. Mindfulness–Based Cognitive Therapy for Cancer offers such an adaptation. It has a clear rationale, pragmatic and clinically tested innovations, clear guidance for MBCT teachers and poignant clinical illustrations. This book is imbued with compassion, courage and a sense of common humanity. It will be highly valued both by people with life threatening diseases and health care professionals offering mindfulness classes to people with cancer. Trish Bartley is an MBCT therapist who teaches mindfulness with enormous heart, drawing from a well of experience and knowledge. She writes with a clear, authoritative, compelling and inspiring voice'.

Willem Kuyken, Professor of Clinical Psychology and Co–Founder of Mood Disorders Centre, University of Exeter, UK

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