Thought on a Thread

Thought on a Thread - Supporting action - facilitating connection

We would like to announce that after many years of tying and sending out threads to mindfulness teachers, we have decided to cease offering this service and end the Thought on a Thread project.

We invite you to keep this tradition going by tying your own threads and beads and giving them to your mindfulness participants to remember the practice of ‘coming back’ to what is happening now, reminded by the 'thought on the thread'.

We thank all of you who have very generously supported this project over the years. We have sent several thousand £s to the South African NGO Woza Moya. They have expressed their gratitude to all of you. They continue to work with local people in KwaZulu Natal offering all sorts of support to the women, orphans and care givers throughout the valleys in that area. Woza Moya are well regarded as an example of very good practice - and we wish them well always.

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