Thought on a Thread

Thought on a Thread - Supporting action - facilitating connection

mindfulness project offering support to communities in South Africa affected by HIV/Aids

Thought on a Thread has been set up to:

• facilitate connection between those who have HIV/Aids and those who want to offer their support • share simple mindfulness practices with people with HIV/Aids and those offering their support • send funds to community support HIV/Aids projects like Woza Moya

The red bead on the black thread invites us all to:

• breathe and be present - here and now
• connect with people affected by HIV/Aids and offer them our kind thoughts and good wishes

Many mindfulness teachers are now offering threads to participants in 8 week MBA courses as reminders to ‘come back’ and be present. The link with South Africa and an invitation to connect via the bead on the thread and send good wishes and kind thoughts is valued by many people. What if our compassion is as helpful as giving money?

See website link below if you would like to order threads for yourself.

Woza Moya Project, providing quality community care and support to people infected and affected HIV and Aids in Ufafa region of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

Thought on a Thread, a mindfulness project offering support to communities affected by HIV and Aids in South Africa.

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